2018 Annual Retreat

Yes, it’s time for the 2018 GCWA Spring Retreat on March 9, 10 and 11.  The Class Schedule and Registration Forms are now available:

This year, the Class Schedule provides a summary of most all of the classes, so please take some time to read through these descriptions, to help ensure the class project meets your expectations.  We have a very limited number of seats available for a single class Friday night and one Saturday night, so please only sign up for these if you're committed to staying and attending, or else leave the spot open for another turner, please.

A lot of folks have been working to make this event happen and there is still a LOT of work to be done. If you’ve never seen the work that happens on Friday afternoon and evening to setup the facility, you’ve really missed something special.  Imagine the building opened up with cars, trucks, and trailers coming and going unloading tons of equipment, getting it dispatched to the right location and then set up and tested. The amount of cooperative, supportive work that goes on is truly inspiring. If you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven't seen it, this is your year to volunteer, and see this first hand.

For all those who are bringing lathes, grinders, or other equipment please be sure to mark ALL your equipment with your name so that should something get misplaced, we can identify the owner and get the item back to you. We’ll have many lathes, multiple grinders, jigs, chucks, and all the other related items, plus untold numbers of turning tools. It is important that everyone leave with everything they came with, both to you and to the Club. The best thing you can do to help make sure this happens is to mark everything you bring, including your lathes and spouses. If you are bringing a lathe, make sure that it has a live center, drive center and a knock out bar that fits your lathe. You need to bring a chuck that fits a mini lathe, with a 1” by 8 TPI spindle for you to use in the classes that you take. If you do not have one, there will be some available for check out. Don’t forget to MARK ALL YOUR TOOLS with your name.  You think you'll remember who borrowed your tool, you think your tool looks unique, you're likely mistaken, and that label ensures it gets back to you by the end of the retreat.

Don’t forget to bring a few other things with you, your safety equipment; something to display in the Instant Gallery; and a few snacks/deserts to share with others. Brownies are a favorite. We’ll provide the cold drinks, coffee and donuts each morning and two wholesome lunches.

One other thing, don’t forget to bring a few dollars for the raffle – it’s going to be great. A mini lathe is on the list now and the raffle team is still working on more.

The registration fee is $50 for you and $30 for your significant other, if they are not participating in any classes (they can attend demos).  If you and your spouse both want to attend classes, each must register separately and pay the $50 registration fee. 

There are still a lot of jobs that will be needed done after we get there so don’t run away from your Retreat Committee when you see them coming your way. You might be the person asked to test taste the brownies to see if they are any good.

Some of you plan to stay in the building overnight. The club is not providing a breakfast, so you will have to make your own arrangements. However there will be coffee and donuts.

Classes change and things happen, so even if someone did not get a class that they requested, there is still a possibility that at the event someone may drop out. Just because it looks like most of the classes are filled it is not a reason to not participate.  There are always some classes that have open spots the day of the event and there are some exceptional demonstrations.

After dinner Friday and Saturday evening it is like an open shop. There will be some demonstrations and classes along with plenty of lathes available for you or your friends to do some turning.  This would be a great opportunity to help the club catch up on our lagging Empty Bowls donations!  

Be there, learn and turn and have fun!

Link to the  Retreat Event page.