Gulf Coast Woodturners Association


Board of Directors/Executive Committee

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President:  Lane Bradford
Focus Area: Refreshments (donuts)
Member Since: 1997
Occupation: Application Engineer for Eaton Corp.
Favorite Wood: I have never found a bad piece of Mesquite, some were naughty but none have been truly bad.
Primary Lathe: While I save my milk money for my Oneway, I am making do with a Jet mini and a Jet 1236.

Norm made woodturning look so easy on TV that I decided to give it a try.  Steve LeGrue sold me my Jet 1236 and I even took some basic beginner classes from Steve.  He also recommended that I join the GCWA and attend the AAW meeting that year in San Antonio.  I only took half of his advice and I have not made it to an AAW meeting yet.  I simply don't have the time or the patience for building furniture so I enjoy my occasional  time in the shop turning and I look forward to my retirement when I can spend a lot more time pursuing my hobby. The exchange of ideas, advice, wood and tools/jigs that goes on at our meetings and retreats is a bonus unlike anything else I have ever seen.  It's amazing what the price of membership can buy you in the GCWA.  
Past President:  Reggie Keith
Focus Areas:  Advisor to Board
Member Since: 2003
Occupation:  Acoustical Engineer
Favorite Wood: Cocobolo, Texas Ebony
Primary Lathe:
 Powermatic 3520

.I have been working on wood lathes for over 25 years.  Before joining GCWA, my lathe work was complementary to my furniture  projects.  I joined GCWA because of the diversity of interests and talent that I could observe, as well as the willingness of very experienced members to generously share their experience and knowledge.

Vice President Shawn Pachlhofer
Focus Area: Show & Tell
/Club Equipment Transportation Coordinator
ember Since: 2005
Occupation: Civil Engineer 
Favorite Wood: Mesquite, Pecan, FOG
Primary Lathe: Jet 1442

I've been turning for about 5 years, mainly pens and smaller items. I'm still learning to turn bowls and enjoy taking classes that are offered through GCWA. I have learned a lot from our members and hope to be give back to the club by serving as a board member.
Secretary: Don Stocking
ocus Area: Club Secretary
Member Since: 2014
Occupation: Retired Attorney
Favorite Wood: Sweet Gum, FOG (without nails)
Primary Lathe: Delta Model 46-700, 12” variable speed.

My dad had a hardware store (in Amarillo), so I grew up with a big interest in woodworking and all the tools that he sold and used. In about 2012, a neighbor sold me his lathe and a band saw, but I didn’t know how to operate the lathe. I joined this club in 2014, and I have had a great interest in turning since then. This club has a great devotion to our turning out high-quality work with real artistic design. I just try to keep up. I am particularly proud of this club’s community focus on personal safety, education and training of its members, providing scholarships for local graduates and helping with empty bowls.
Treasurer: Rene Gonzales
Focus Areas: Financial & Member Database 
Member Since: 2006
Retired – Manager, Information Technology, U.S. Postal Service
Favorite Wood:
Box elder, ash, mesquite
Primary Lathe:
Powermatic 3520B

I became interested in woodworking as a child watching my dad use his table saw in our garage.  I learned how to build furniture and purchased a Shopsmith after getting my first full time job.  I did not use it as a lathe until about 2005 when I saw a pen making demo at a Woodworking Show.  After turning a few pens on my Shopsmith, my passion for woodturning and a desire for a bigger lathe began.

I started purchasing books, took a bowl making class at Rockler and searched the internet to learn more about woodturning.  I still could not turn a bowl as easily as it appeared in videos and I had a lot of questions.  I joined GCWA and learned from the generosity of club members.  Books and DVDs alone would not have provided the knowledge I have gained from members always willing to share their knowledge.  Volunteering to be the club treasurer is one way I can give back.  My turning projects include pens, bowls, boxes, hollow forms and kaleidoscopes.

Board Member:  Walter Mooney
Focus Areas: Membership/Equipment /Club Equipment Transportation Coordinator
Since: 2006
Occupation: Commercial Construction Superintendent
Favorite Wood: Cherry, Sycamore, Mesquite, Walnut, Cocobolo
Primary Lathe: Delta Midi

I thoroughly enjoy turning, and prefer it over all other hobbies/activities.  When I'm concentrating on turning, all other thoughts and concerns fade into the background.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to make smooth flowing curves or fully rounded beads.

Board Member:  Scott Haddix
Focus Area: Website Volunteer
Member Since:  2013
Occupation:  Senior Engagement Director, Openlink Financial
Favorite Wood:  Spalted Maple, Cedar Elm for turning, Cherry, Walnut for flat work
Primary Lathe:  Powermatic 3520B

I have been helping my twin brother, Steve, for decades on his woodworking projects, and started doing my own about 10 years ago.  I slowly built up my wood shop as my skills improved and my creations benefited my wife.  On a whim I bought a used Jet 1236 lathe off Craigslist, complete with a great set of gouges and a chuck, and it sat largely unused for several years.  My son, Josh, came home from 'Tech Class' with a pen he had turned in middle school, and said he enjoyed it.  So, I purchased what we needed, and we did pens for everyone, for gifts, for fundraisers, you name it, we did a pen for it.  I eventually started to try to turn bigger objects, and after some scary incidents with improper technique, and/or inappropriate tools for the job, I realized I needed mentoring before I hurt myself.  I joined GCWA that month, and have attended numerous classes, almost every open shop night at George's, every retreat, SWAT, etc. ever since.  As I gained knowledge and confidence, I upgraded to my Powermatic, and have pretty well max'd it out on occasion. 

I still consider myself a junior turner, and I am so appreciative of what the club has provided me and the friends I've made.

Board Member:  Dave Greenawalt
Focus Area: TBD
Member Since: 1997
Occupation: Retired Corporate Pilot
Favorite Wood: Box Elder, Sycamore, Ambrosia Maple, Cherry
Primary Lathe: Powermatic 3520B

My hobby was woodworking for about 20 years, when my wife bought me a small lathe for Christmas.   I found a woodturner in the neighborhood and he advised me to join GCWA.  That was 2 months before the first retreat.  I took a bowl class from Bill Berry and an ornament class from Max Weisenthal.  I was hooked.  Three lathes later, I realized woodturning is not a hobby - it is an addiction.

Board Member:  Glenn Ashley
Focus Area: TBD
Member Since: 2011
Occupation: Engineer
Favorite Wood: Maple Burl
Primary Lathe: Powermatic 3520B


Executive Committee Member:  Andy Chen
Focus Area: Newsletter Editor
Member Since: 1994
Retired research entomologist, USDA 
Favorite Wood: Rosewoods
Primary Lathe: Oneway 2036

I have been interested in woodworking as early as in high school.  Woodworking became my obsession when I moved to College Station, Texas in 1979 because I could not tolerate the cost and quality of furniture in stores.  I dabbled in woodturning on a ShopSmith for a few years while building furniture.  I began turning seriously in 1992, primarily the segmented variety because I had seen a picture of a segmented bowl in 1988 and a bunch more pictures of segmented vessels in 1991, both in Wood Magazine and was stunned how beautiful they were.  It was possible to turn a large segmented bowl even on a ShopSmith because the constructed blank is already balanced.  In the spring of 1994, by chance I went to the then newly opened Cutting Edge and ran into this big crowd that turned out to be GCWA holding the monthly meeting.  I signed up with the group and, like they say, the rest is history. 

Since the acquisition of a Oneway 2036 in the spring of 1998, I have been enjoying many forms of turning.  Over the years I have benefited so much from the club in improving myself as a turner and felt that I have not given enough back.  Therefore, when the editor's position of the GCWA newsletter opened up in December, 2008, I decided to volunteer for the job.

Club Assistants
Co-Show & Tell Master of Ceremonies: Bill Berry
Co-Show & Tell Master of Ceremonies: Shawn Pachlhofer
Hands-On Workshops Coordinator, Program Director, & Website Forum Administrator:  George Kabacinski
Librarian & Club SWAT Liaison:  Tom Enloe

 National Guest Turner Coordinator: Doug Grissom (pictured), Ed Peine, Bill Berry, George Kabacinski and Bill Lewis (Doug also serves as the club's Empty Bowl Coordinator)
Raffle Coordinator:  John Schlobohm
Refreshments (coffee): Glenn Ashley
A/V Wizard:  John Weber
Cameraman & Refreshments (cold drinks): Esteban Churin
Show & Tell Recorder: Shawn Pachlhofer
Show & Tell Photographer: Paul Millo
Greg Gonsalves: Outside Club Demonstration Coordinator
Candid Photographer: Ric Taylor
Website Director & Creator:  Dale Barrack
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