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September 2007 Meeting Gallery

September's meeting was held at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.  HCCC Staff hosted
a critique of member-turned items from a purely artistic perspective. 

At our regular monthly meetings, members are required to display new items, or at least items that they have not entered for judging at past meetings.  This rule was suspended for September's meeting to allow HCCC staff to judge a broad range of GCWA member items.  The following group pictures are of the items entered by judging category.   

Advanced Entries

Intermediate Entries

Beginner Entries

Enhanced Entries

Segmented Entries

President's Challenge

HCCC Critique
Suzanne Sippel (first picture, below) and Deborah Kirkpatrick (second picture) shared their opinions on members' work from the perspective of gallery operators.  Their views represented what the public-at-large might think when viewing, and making buying decisions, about woodturned items.  Club members gained valuable insight about what "works" and what "doesn't."

Suzanne Sippel

Deborah Kirkpatrick

Attentive audience

"I wonder if mine is going to be selected for critique?"

Items Recognized for Merit
Unlike regular monthly meetings where several awards are given out in each category, the HCCC judges selected only one item in each category for recognition--with the exception of the Advanced Category where the judges could not agree on which item warranted merit.

Best in Show

Burch & Oak Bowl
13-1/2"W x 5"H
By Jerry Collins

Jerry with his Best of Show bowl

Best in Advanced Category

Pecan Bowl
10"W x 16"H
By Larry Zarra

Walnut Hollow Form
10"W x 6"H
By Larry Zarra


Best in Enhanced Category

Dyed Maple/Rosewood
~5"W x 5"H
By Bill Tilson

Best in Segmented Category

Burch & Oak Bowl
13-1/2"W x 5"H
By Jerry Collins

Best in Intermediate Category

Ash Bowl
7-1/2"W x 3"H
By Randall Hassig

Beginner Category

Silver Maple Box
2"W x 2"H
By Linda Bohl

Other Items Critiqued by HCCC Judges

Segmented Bowl
12"W x 9"H
By Eddie James

Fishing Lure Box
8"W x 3-1/2"H
By Bill Berry

Artistic Vessel
8"W x 21"H
By Jerry Bennett

Segmented Bowl
12"W x 8"H
By John Gay

Cedar Vessel
11"W x 14"H
By Jim Keller

gallery photography by Paul Millo

Kendall Westbrook and Bill Tilson combined to make an informative demonstration on the use of fiber reactive dye on wood.

A few faces in the crowd

George Regmund and Mary Alice Trumbull discuss a pen

Bruno Wesolek and Bill Metzger check out the Segmented and Enhanced table.

Kevin Turco confers with Martha Lawrence at the Advanced table

 candid photography by Ric Taylor

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