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October 2008 Meeting Gallery

October's meeting was all about clues, er, make that Clewes, as in Jimmy Clewes.  Jimmy's demonstration took up most of the time available, so no Show & Tell was scheduled this month.  Many thanks to Doug Grissom for handling all the
arrangements for Jimmy's visit to GCWA.

Natural Edged Green Wood Vase
During the general meeting Jimmy provided the presentation and produced a natural edged vase from green wood.  He donated the piece for the meeting raffle and guess who won it?  George.


Oriental Box  
During the Demo Day event Jimmy turned three additional pieces.  The first was his famous oriental box.  Jimmy has refined all the processes and provided many tips and special tricks of making these boxes safely and without having them fly around the shop.


Dyed Silver Leaf Bowl
The next work that Jimmy produced was a coloured piece.  He is adamant that we Americans have messed up the English language and he spells colour with the U!  Jimmy provided the audience with a number of insights and techniques for producing a coloured piece with a silver leaf bowl perfectly balanced to both the colour and size of the piece.


Lidded Box
Jimmy was running out of time, but he quickly completed a box to demonstrate the process he uses for perfectly fitted boxes.  If anyone in the audience blinked they likely missed the demo - yes, he was that fast!


Time for one photo op with his Houston hosts Doug and Anne Grissom along with the three pieces he produced during fast paced and entertaining the Demo Day event.  One of the three will go to his hosts with the other two going to the club for a future fund raising event.

candid photography by Paul Millo