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May 2009 - Spring Retreat

2009 marked the 13th year that GCWA has held a Spring Retreat.  Successful retreats don't just happen.  It takes a huge amount of planning including securing the facilities, developing the program, recruiting instructors, arranging for lathes, planning the meals, registering participants, setting up and cleaning up.  Our thanks to all GCWA members who participated in this year's effort--a job well done.

It takes a lot of lathes, including large format lathes, some of which are shown unloading here.

Unloading  a big one (also known as "lathe wrangling")

Here is GCWA's own Oneway 2036 being unloaded.

And this one's known simply as "Big Blue.".

It also takes a lot class tracks and a whole lot of space to make for a successful retreat
This year's class track offered turners of all skill levels opportunities to improve their abilities or learn new techniques.  There are 11 separate learning areas set up for classes. (Click on the thumbnail at the left--it's a bit larger than the rest of the pictures, so you can see the detail.)


This group of turners is shown participating in the Fundamentals Track, where "newbies" get one-on-one attention with a mentor. This area is just one of the eleven dedicated to hands-on activities during the weekend long retreat.


Pictures from the 2009 Spring Retreat



Tom Enloe was presented with the club's Luna Ford Award for his long-time service.