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November 2010 Meeting Gallery

Michael Hosaluk was the guest turner for November's meeting.  Mike mixed knowledge, skill and wit to educate and entertain GCWA members while demonstrating how he creates his fanciful and complex turnings.

Demo, demo, Michael Hosaluk!

Mike Hosaluk, Master Woodturner

Mike shaping what will become a translucent bowl

Mike is shown here answering an audience question, of which there were many.

Sharpening at the grinder is just a first step--keeping the tool sharp with a diamond hone in between visits to the grinder makes cutting easier.

Mike is shown here making beads from white oak that he later bent using a microwave oven.


Club A/V coordinator, Tom Irven, setting up equipment for Mike's demonstration.

The crowd watched in awe (really).

Here, Mike turns an off-center candlestick holder

The crown . . . still in awe!

Tom Irven does whatever it take to  ensure video cameras are positioned properly...including climbing on lathes.


Mike brought an array of turned items with him to share with members.

Close up of a twisty box--under construction, and finished.

A cool burned and painted rattle and a hollow form.

Close up of one of Mike's teapots and several of his candlesticks.

Faces in the Crowd

Club president, Steve LeGrue.

Ed Peine and Kendall Westbrook.

Tom Enloe, the club librarian, dispenses knowledge along with DVD's!

Bill Lewis, Bill Pottorf and Jon Gaynor.

Past president, George Kabacinski.


Critique by Mike

Mike critiqued items brought by GCWA members.

Mike offered constructive suggestion like "ensure that there are no flat spots on curved lines" (which doesn't    apply to these two beautiful  items).

His critique was extremely well done and appreciated by GCWA members.

Items offered for critique by Mike.

Mike stressed good tool techniques--Cut safely by grounding the tool on the rest and begin by rubbing the bevel on the work and then lifting the handle to begin the cut.




Mike's two demos were filmed and will be available on separate DVD's for GCWA members to check out and view.







photography by Paul Millo, Ric Taylor, Steve LeGrue and Tom Irven