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August 2011 Meeting Gallery

Pictures of Tom Irven's demonstration on turning small items
and "Faces in the Crowd" are at the bottom of this page.

LOTS of pictures this month. An extra Faces in the Crowd section has been added.

Best of Show (The best of the best of the best . . . )
Best of Show
Ron Brewer

Thin bowl, carved and air brushed



Best of Show recipient,
 Ron Brewer,

proudly displays his award-
winning entry and ribbon


Advanced Category (Items made from one piece of wood by advanced turners)
1st Place
Don Fluker
Sugar Maple
   Western Hat

14-1/2"W x 6"H
2nd Place
Scott Njaa
Walnut Bowl
8"W x 2-1/2"H

3rd Place
Don Fluker
Mesquite Hollow Form
8"W x 13-1/2"H

Enhanced/Segmented Category
(Items that incorporate embellishment or made from more than one piece of wood by advanced turners)
1st Place
Paula Haymond
Poplar Bowl
4"W x 4"H

2nd Place
John Van Domelen
Spalted Pecan "Coral"
17"W x 1-1/2" H

3rd Place
Clyde Collier
Spinning Top Box with
 threaded Lid of Maple

2-1/2"W x 4"H

Intermediate Category (Items made by intermediate turners)
1st Place
Richard Storm
Sycamore Hollow Form
8-1/4"W x 11-1/2"H

2nd Place
Frank Campbell

Spalted Pecan Vase
3"W x 14-1/2"H

3rd Place
John Gay

Birch Mugs
4W x 5"H

Beginner Category (Items made by beginning turners)

1st Place
Pete Copeland
Natural Edge Elm
6"W x 4"H

2nd Place
Pete Copeland

Natural Edge Oak Bowl
7"W x 3-1/4"H

"Kit" Category (Items made from kits by turners of all levels)
1st Place
Jerry Harmsen
 Kaleidoscope and
3"W x 3"H
2nd Place
Dennis April
Zebra Wood
2-1/2"W x 11"H
3rd Place
Dave Greenawalt
Antler Pens 

Other Worthy Entries

gallery photography by Paul Millo

Steve LeGrue and Reggie Keith judged August's Show & Tell. Thanks goes to Frank Campbell, who was the recorder, and to Eileen Bradley for setting up the display tables.

Tom Irven's Demonstration on Turning Small Items

Tom Irven demonstrated how to turn small items, like bottle stoppers and fan pull at August's meeting.

Tom not only shared his knowledge about how to turn the items, he also demonstrated the numerous jigs and fixtures he has created to make the job easier and safer..

August's meeting was held in Houston's Bayland Community Center, one of the premier venues that GCWA uses for its meetings.

Tom is a past-president of GCWA and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

Tom is also a former Artist in Residence at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

The Bayland Community Center has a generous amount of space for the club to use.


The crowd seemed to enjoy Tom's steady and methodical approach to explaining the process.


One of the many jigs and fixtures Tom brought with him.

August had good member participation considering how hot it's been in the Houston area--numerous 100+ degree days!

Demonstrations are not only shown on a large screen, they are also recorded on DVDs and put into the lending library for other to see.

Close ups....


See some of Tom's turnings, here.

Faces in the Crowd
(pictures with a comment, or two)

There was a good selection of turnings at August's meeting, but the recent hot weather probably keep many turners out of their shops. 

Here's a view from the other end of the table..

Taking a closer look.

Now that's a BIG dish!.

There's always plenty of time for coffee and conversation at every meeting.

Lane Bradford, Ben Gray, Ed Peine and president Reggie Keith check out one of Jerry's Bennett's sculptures.

Jerry explained that a steel support is first created and the turned, segmented pieces are then threaded onto the rod and glued.

You can view more of Jerry Bennett's creations, here.

Tom Enloe, with the help of George Kabacinski, dispense DVD's and humor at the library table.

Club president, Reggie Keith.

Show & Tell M..C. Bill Berry with Pete Copeland, who explains how he kept the bark on this natural edge piece.  Pete took home two awards in the Beginner Category this month.

Richard Storm's elegant Sycamore hollow form took the first place ribbon in the Intermediate Category.

Don Fluker walked away with a third place ribbon in the Advanced Category for this Mesquite hollow form, which had the finish applied and remove numerous times until Don was satisfied with it

Don also took home the first place ribbon in the Advanced Category for this Western Hat, which he made at a Johannes Michelsen workshop in Vermont

John Van Domelen proved that art could imitate life with this beautiful piece . . . and earned a ribbon in the Enhanced/Segmented Category to prove it.

This Mesquite hollow form measures 15" wide and 22-1/2" high.  It weighed 200 pounds at the start of turning and now weighs 15 pounds.  It was created in Ed Peine's shop with the help of Greg Gonsalves and Don Fluker.

Creating a top that spins isn't all that tough.  Creating one that's also a box with a threaded that's tough!  Clyde Collier (left) did all three in one piece.  Nice going, Clyde!

Paul Hammond's turning continue to evolve, nicely so.  It's always a treat to see her latest work, including this one which took the first place ribbon in the Enhanced/Segmented Category..

Janice Levy, a past GCWA president, has begun a line of purses created from wood.  They are quite creative and good looking to boot!

Dave Greenawalt made two pens from antler.  He took home a ribbon in the "Kit" Category.

Faces in the Crowd II
(pictures without comment)
















 candid photography by Ric Taylor, Bill Berry and  Dale Barrack