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March 2011 Meeting Gallery

Pictures of the Jigs & Fixtures shown at the March meeting are at the bottom of this page.

Advanced Category (Items made from one piece of wood by advanced turners)
1st Place
Clyde Collier

Natural Edge Avocado

~8"W x 7"H
2nd Place
Scott Njaa
Walnut Bowl
~9"W x 4"H

3rd Place
Andy Chen
Ash Plate
~10"W x 1"H

Segmented Category (Items made from more than one piece of wood by advanced turners)
1st Place
Aaron Gilbert
Oak/Walnut/Antler Stein
~7"W x 4"H





Enhanced Category (Items that incorporate embellishment of the item by advanced turners)
1st Place
Delbert Pond
Oak Hollow Form
2-1/2"W x 2-1/2"H
2nd Place
Steve LeGrue
Maple Bowl
~4"W x 2"H

Intermediate Category (Items made by intermediate turners)
1st Place
Darrell Corcorran
Mesquite Goblet
~13"W x 4"H (largest)

2nd Place|
Craig Nitsch
Mesquite Hollow Form
~10"W x 5-1/2"H

3rd Place
Ron Headman

Box Elder Bowl
~7"W x 3"H

Beginner Category (Items made by beginning turners)

1st Place
Noah Gilbert
Oak & Padauk Cup
~3"W x 4"H

2nd Place
Dan Fleetwood
Two Pens

3rd Place
Dan Fleetwood
Rosewood Goblet
~3-1/2"W x 5"H

Other Worthy Entries

gallery photography by Paul Millo

Gene Bradley and Don Smith judged March's Show & Tell; Frank Campbell was the recorder. 

Jigs & Fixtures - In addition to being great woodturners, GCWA members are also great jig & fixture makers.  March's "demo" was an opportunity to display their stuff.  It was a lot of fun and educational too!

Spring break thinned out the crowd for March's meeting but didn't lower the enthusiasm for the "demo" which was member-made jigs & fixtures.

Bill Berry, who acted as MC for the event also had some items to contribute, the first being a guitar pick!

That's right--a guitar pick with sandpaper glued to one side for sanding those hard-to-reach places in small hollow forms..

Bill also displayed his shop made segment cutting jig for segmented construction.

Clyde Collier showed his sphere cutting jig.

Dennis April brought along his home made steady rest

Hunter Malson showed two jigs he uses to set his Wolvering Grinding jig.

Here's a close up of the jigs.  More information can be found here (a PDF file).

Hunter also discussed his shop made dust collecting hood.

Although you can't see it in this picture, there's a hook inside the top of the hood that can suspend small items for spraying.

Here's a wider look at some of the items brought and discussed. 

Another view.

Andy Chen displayed his shop made (you read that right--shop made) spiral cutting jig.

It was very impressive and Andy displayed some of the carvings that he's produced with the jig.

Here's a handy little item--a scraper for small hollow forms.  It has two pieces of rod welded to the shank and those rods serve as torque arrestors--pretty neat!

Faces in the Crowd

GCWA's youngest member, Noah Gilbert, won his first ribbon, and a First Place ribbon at that!  Way to  go Noah!

Ron Headman told the crowd how he turned his Box Elder bowl.

Greg Nitsch turned a nice hollow form and it took second place in the Intermediate Group.

Darrell Cordorran didn't produce one item--he produced a whole set of goblets that were awarded first place in the Intermediate Group.

Andy Chen didn't use his spiral cutter on this piece, but it  still turned out great--as Andy's pieces usually do.

Dan Fleetwood took home two ribbons from March's meeting.  He was awarded a third place for this beautiful goblet.

Clyde Collier turned this natural edge vase from Avocado.

Steve LeGrue has been experimenting with texturing and coloring.  He's promised to do a workshop on the subject at the Spring Retreat.

Delbert Pond has also been experimenting with texturing and it got him first place in the Enhanced group at March's meeting..

Aaron Gilbert, Noah's dad, displayed his own talent with this handsome stein, which also won an award.

 candid photography by Ric Taylor and Dale Barrack