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November 2011 Meeting Gallery

Pictures of Bill Berry and Janice Levis' demonstration on turning Christmas Ornaments
 (a 2 for 1 special demo) and "Faces in the Crowd" are at the bottom of this page.

Advanced Category (Items made from one piece of wood by advanced turners)
1st Place
Ed Peine
Muberry Burl
  Hollow Form

14"W x 9-1/2"H
2nd Place
Don Fluker
Cherry "Gambler's" Hat
15"W x 5-1/4"H

3rd Place
Mike Stall
Kauri Bowl
7-3/4"W x 2-1/4"H

Enhanced/Segmented Category
(Items that incorporate embellishment or made from more than one piece of material by advanced turners)

1st Place
Paula Haymond
Poplar/Wire Sculpture
7"W x 13" H

2nd Place
George Kabacinski
Sea Urchin Ornament
 1-1/4"W x 3" H


3rd Place
Kendall Westbrook
Dyed Birch Open Form
3-1/2"W x 7-1/4"H

Intermediate Category (Items made by intermediate turners)
1st Place
Ron Day
Ash Open form
3-1/2"W x 7"H

2nd Place
Peter Miao
Box Elder Hollow Form
5"W x 6"H

3rd Place
Rich Steber

9"W x 3/4"H

Beginner Category (Items made by beginning turners)

1st Place
Chuck Graham
Cocobolo Ornament
1-1/2"W x 6"H

2nd Place
Peter Miao
Adler Mallet
1-3/4"W x 9-1/2"H

"Kit" Category (Items made from kits by turners of all levels)
1st Place
Peter Miao

2nd Place
Peter Miao
3rd Place

(No other  information


Other Worthy Entries

gallery photography by Paul Millo

Jonathan Bartz and Jon Gaynor were November's Show & Tell judges.

A Special Demonstration: Turning Ornaments (Two demos for the price of One!)

In one of the most unusual (and enjoyable) demonstrations ever, GCWA members witnessed two simultaneous demonstrations at November's meeting:  Bill Berry and Janice Levi combined to create a Christmas ornament.  Bill created the body and Janice the finials.

Bill Berry worked on one lathe to create the ornament body.

Janice Levi worked on another to create the finials.  They did this side-by-side.

Janice explained the steps and the tools she used.

Janice brought along some over size finial shapes to discuss the creative process.  Janice has a fondness for finials that are divided into thirds..

Let's get started...

Janice worked quickly, but ensured viewers understood the step involved.

This and the next several show the development of the finial.

Janice stopped to sand at key points, always carefully supporting the finial with her thumb as she sanded.

Then she removed more and more material as the finial emerged.

All it takes is patience...
and  skill!

Looking pretty good!

With the base finished, Janice was ready to part the finial off the block.


The finished product.

As the two demos progressed simultaneously, Bill and Janice bantered back and forth.

Bill hollowed the end of a cylinder to create the interior of one half of the ornament ball.

Bill LOVES jigs and he created a simple one to help him determine the correct depth of the inside of the ornament--a large washer glued to a tongue depressor.

Then he drilled pilot holes around the outside of the recessed area to help him determine the correct depth of the outside of the ornament.

Here's what the piece looked like after Bill hollowed and drilled the pilot holes.

You can see how the ball part of the ornament developed here.

The ornament body with the finial attached.

Here's a finished ornament with two finials

...and a picture of the demo pieces with a finished ornament. You can find complete instructions for the ornament body here and for the finials here.

A good crowd was on hand, but if you look closely, they seem to be distracted for some reason.  Wonder why?Could be some idiot on a ladder taking their picture?  (Click here to find out!)

Faces in the Crowd
(pictures with captions)

Don Fluker, Georgene Huckeba and Ric Taylor.. 

Ben Gray and Bill Pottorf.

Jay Ebner and Mack DeBose.

Our oldest member, Luna Ford, isn't too old to learn new techniques.  Here he is searching through GCWA's extensive learning library..

Paul Millo, who photographs all Show & Tell items, checks out the display table.

November and December are membership renewal months.

November and December are membership renewal months. Yes, that's a repetition of the previous caption--it was put here on purpose to remind members to renew for 2012.

Some of the Show & Tell items at November's meeting..

A view from a different direction.

Jon Gaynor, Jonathan Bartz and board member, Tommy Joe, who was also our host at the University of Houston's Keeland Center for November's meeting..

Show & Tell MC Bill Berry and Rich Stebner.

Bill with Peter Miao, who took home four awards in three judging categories.  Way to go Peter!

Don Fluker with his "gambler's" hat.

Ed Peine consistently cranks out award-winning hollow forms.

Paula Haymond with her squid--er, make that, scupture!

Faces in the Crowd II
(pictures without captons)









 candid photography by Ric Taylor, Linda Bohl, Peter Miao and  Dale Barrack