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October 2011 Meeting Gallery

October is one of the really pleasant months in this part of Texas and that means PICNIC time!  By Reed offered his spread in Chappell Hill, Texas and the Houston metro woodturners took an enjoyable hike out to the country to enjoy By's hospitality.

In addition to bar-b-que, there were egg cup races, potato pealing (and eating, of course) and relaxing.  Here are some pictures from the event.  Because so many pictures are being posted for this event, commentary is being kept to a minimum.

By Reed's place in Chappell Hill, TX

The "back 40".

Our host, By Reed.

Club president, Reggie Keith.

Egg cup race organizer (and participant), Steve LeGrue
What would a picnic be without food!  

Ed Peine brought his deep hollowing system for display and discussion.

Potato peeling with a lathe and a gouge is a real hoot!

One person peels and another person catches!

Then you dump the peelings into a vat of hot oil and cook them.

Add a little salt and you've got some yummy treats. (Lay's should take note!)

Egg cup races are a staple at our picnics and this year was no exception.
There were four or five flights with the  winner of each flight advancing to the final.  The winner: Tom Irven, right.

 (I'll bet he wouldn't put that thing in a gallery!)

Faces in the Crowd