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December 2012 Meeting Gallery

Pictures of Gary Rock's demonstration on turning metal finials
 and bases and "Faces in the Crowd" are at the bottom of this page.

Best of Show (the best of the best of the best....)
Best of Show
Janice Levi
Turned Jewelry Collection
Various sizes
  Janice Levi proudly displays her Jewelry Collection which earned Best of Show at December's meeting.


Advanced Category (Items made from one piece of wood by advanced turners)
1st Place
Dave Mueller
Elm & Black wood
 Hollow Form
4-3/4"W x 7"H
2nd Place
Don Fluker
Ash Platter
16"W x 2-1/2"H

3rd Place
Scott Njaa
Walnut Bowl
8-1/2"W x 2"H

Enhanced/Segmented Category
(Items that incorporate embellishment or made from more than one piece of material by advanced turners)

1st Place
Delbert Pond
Pine Nutcrackers &


2nd Place
Kendall Westbrook
Elm Dyed Hollow Form
 3-1/4"W x 7-1/4" H


3rd Place
Steve LeGrue
Burned/Dyed Sculpture
4-1/4"W x2"H

Intermediate Category (Items made by intermediate turners)
1st Place
Rich Steber
Maple/Purple heart Box
2-1/4"W x 4"H

2nd Place
Larry Wenner
Walnut Box
2-1/4"W x 4-1/4"H

3rd Place
Larry Wenner
Walnut Weed Pot
4"W x 7"H

Beginner Category (Items made by beginning turners)
1st Place
Shawn Pachlhofer
Spalted Pecan and
 Purple heart Box
3"W x 3-1/2"H



"Kit" Category (Items made from kits by turners of all levels)
1st Place
Shawn Pachlhofer
Holly & Walnut
 Snowman Peppermill
 3"W x 8"H
2nd Place
Marty Kaminsky

7 Inlayed Pen
3rd Place
Lissa Douglas

2 Pens

Christmas Ornament Category (Items made by turners of all levels)
1st Place
Bill Berry
Birch Plywood

2nd Place
Peter Miao


3rd Place
Scott Njaa
Poplar Ornament

All the ornaments by all turners.    

Other Worthy Entries

gallery photography by Paul Millo

Clyde Collier and Tom Rum were December's Show & Tell judges.

Demonstration: Turning metal finials and bases by Gary Rock

Gary Rock likes to experiment.  He has an amazingly diverse Gold Gallery, testament to his on-going curiosity.

For December's meeting, Gary demonstrated how to incorporate metal finials and bases into turned items.

While he demonstrated how to turn aluminum, he also uses acrylic.

Gary brought along a number of completed items, which he passed around for members to examine (see below).

In addition, to metal and acrylic, Gary is fond of airbrushing and (although not shown here) sandblasting his pieces.

He discussed metal and tool selection, then proceeded to turn an aluminum piece.

With GCWA's video system, there's no bad seat in the house.  Here George Kabacinski manages the camera to ensure all the action is captured.

GCWA is currently using three LCD monitors (two small ones and one big one) to display the demos.

A close up of the billet being shaped.

Here's the completed item before it's parted off the lathe.

Gary also discussed the polishing and dressing process.

Here are three of Gary's items that incorporate aluminum and acrylic...

...and another...

...and another.

Gary sources his material from these suppliers.

Faces in the Crowd

Santa (Don Fluker) looked very serious this year!

 Every December, the Show & Tell table reflects members' affection with turning ornaments--hence fewer big items for the judges to judge.

Larry Zarra and Janice Levi inspect an item.

David Welch (left) explains how he finished this bowl with a leaf motif.  See a better picture of the bowl in "Other Worthy Items" above.

Andy Chen and Peter Miao chew the fat.

Shawn Pachlhofer discussed his winning entry in the Beginner Category 

We haven't actually kept count, but it seems as if Larry Wenner has been leaving every meeting lately with Show & Tell ribbons.  (Keep up the good work, Larry!)

Rich Steber took first place in the Intermediate Category with this item.

Show & Tell Master of Ceremonies, Bill Berry (r), asks Steve LeGrue (l) how he made his highly decorated piece (see Enhanced/Segmented Category 3rd place (above) for a larger view. 

Kendall Westbrook is another turner who seems to leave every meeting with a ribbon...or two!  (Way to go, Kendall!)

Kendall and Bill.

Delbert Pond discussed his winning Enhanced/Segmented Category Nutcrackers and Lathe entry.

New turner, Lissa Douglass, was delighted with earning a ribbon in the Kit Category for her two pens.

Marty Kaminisy, who usually makes BIG things, discussed the pens that earned him a ribbon in the Kit Category. 

Janice Levi talked about the beautiful and well-crafted jewelry that earned her the Best of Show Ribbon.

Scott Njaa took a ribbon in the Advanced Category for a nice walnut bow. 

Dave Mueller was rewarded for his elegant Elm and Black Wood hollow form, which earned him First Place in the Advanced Category.

Jim Keller explained how he created this wheel sculpture ( by the way, it's not easy folks!).

George Kabacinski is shown presenting Don Fluker's Second Place Advanced Category winning entry to Reggie Keith in appreciation of his service to GCWA. Don turned this piece for this purpose.

And last but not least, the annual Christmas ornament exchange was a huge success--again!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!


 candid photography by Ric Taylor and  Dale Barrack