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March 2013 Meeting Gallery

In some parts of the county, March brings Spring Showers.  In this part of the country, it brought sunshine in the form of noted woodturner David Ellsworth.  David spent six full days with GCWA members and conducted five hands-on workshops and two demos -- one on natural edge bowls and one on hollow forms.  Below are pictures of David's demos; commentary is kept to a minimum as the pictures tell the story.  Special thanks to Ric Taylor and Paul Millo for recording this event.

Warming up with "just a bowl"

David Ellsworth is one of woodturning's masters and one of the "founding fathers" of the modern woodturning era.  He shared his knowledge, skills and wit with GCWA members at March's meeting and at five hands-on workshops.

David has a presentation skill that's been honed by many demonstrations.  He's very easy to understand.

As expected, members turned out for this rare opportunity to see one of woodturning's true masters..

David "warmed up" with just a bowl and discussed tools and techniques in the process.

GCWA provided ample audio-visual support so that everyone, regardless of where they sat, had a good view.

David quickly defined the basic shape of the bowl and reversed it to finish the inside.

Then it was reversed again to finish the bottom.

The finished piece.

Members gathered around to ask questions at the conclusion of this part of the demo.

The completed bowl.


Natural Edge Bowl

Next, David tackled a natural edge bowl.

This piece also progressed quickly.

Refining the shape.....

Removing the interior....

The bark didn't cooperate on this piece, but that doesn't diminish the elegance of the form.


David's specialty: Hollow Forms

Here, David is holding the piece of wood he selected for his hollow form demo while he "chats it up" with members.

David excels at explaining what he is doing and why.

The first step was to remove the bark and examine the wood just below the surface.

The next step was to refine the basic shape of the piece.  As you can see here, he chose a spherical shape.

More refinement....

Members were mesmerized by David's presentation.

In this picture and the next, you can see David's unique approach to tackling the interior of the hollow form . . .

. . . one leg swung over the bed of the lathe.

Almost complete....

And done! 


 candid photography by Ric Taylor and Paul Millo