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October 2013 Meeting Gallery

October in the Houston area usually brings cooler weather, which is always welcome.  For our annual family picnic, we were greeted by really cool weather . . . at least at the outset. As the morning progressed, the temperature warmed up and by the  time bar-b-que and "fixin's" were served the weather was nearly perfect.

Our venue was Alexander Deussen Park on Lake Houston.  The facilities were excellent.

The temperature could be described a "cool" early in the day.  Larry Wenner found comfort with his hooded coat!

Susan Lewis and Claudia and Bill Stein enjoyed a few laughs while they huddled together.

Susan Lewis, Lorrie DuVal,  Diane Pottorf and "Sky" catch a few rays of sun.

Bill Pottorf giving "Sky" a good workout with a Frisbee--or was it the other way around?

Paul Millo and Ed Peine get a chance to talk about . . .  woodturning!

Robert Hodge's children ignored the cool weather and just had a good time.

"The huddled masses yearning . . . for some warm weather!"

Luna Ford, one of GCWA's original members, braved the cool weather to enjoy fellowship and good food.

Kai Muenzer (far right) and Stephan Sear (next to Kai) heddle with friends and family.

Annual GCWA picnics usually involve three things: good food, camaraderie and egg cup races.  Here's one of the lathes set up and ready to go.

John King and Bill Berry seem to be discussing "Egg Cup Racing" rules.  There's just one important one: turn FAST!

Ed Peine and Chuck Graham squared off in the first round.

Ed won the first round.  Several other matches followed.

Delbert Pond and Robert Hodge battled it out in the second round with Delbert finishing producing an egg cup the quickest.

There were actually three lathes being used for Egg Cup Races.  Here Kai Muenzer tries his hand at the task on the third lathe.

The egg cup races held the attention of those assembled while they tried to keep warm.

In the next round, Ben Gray (l.) and Paul Millo (r.)competed against . . .

. . . Bill Lewis, who went on to win the round.

Ed Spicer gave it a shot, also.

In the final round, the winners of the first three rounds squared off.  Ed Peine competed against Delbert Pond and Bill Lewis.

Bill Lewis emerged the victor and when the competition was over. Afterward, he turned another egg cup (not at race speed) shown above and in the next three pictures.

Turning the inside.

Beginning the cut-off.

Getting fancy with the base.

Then it was time to EAT! The club provided the meat--beef, chicken and links.

Every family brought a dish so there was plenty for all.


The picnic was a great success and by the time we were ready to eat the temperature was perfect!
  And someone celebrated a birthday!
Happy Birthday, Don!