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April 2014 Meeting Gallery - Spring Picnic

Houston isn't exactly noted for its great weather given its abundance of Summer heat and humidity.  But Spring and Autumn are wonderful . . . and our Winters are to die for!  This year, we chose Spring for our Annual Family Picnic and held it at Texas Avenue Park in Webster, TX.  The accommodations were great and the food even better.  Following are pictures from the event, some with captions, and some without.

Texas Avenue Park in Webster, TX hosted our picnic.

The pavilion we used was huge and accommodated everyone.

Before festivities got underway, Ben Gray manned the sign up table for next month's Spring Retreat.  (Have you registered, yet?)

In addition to having some fun, club members also brought turnings for Houston's Empty Bowls event.  So far, more than 125 bowls have been donated so far.

Tommy Joe and Robert Hodge inspect April's contributions to the Empty Bowls project.

Club Treasurer, Rene Gonzalez and President, Don Fluker, attend to business matters.

Lorrie Duval and Ric Taylor make quite a couple!

Bill and Claudia Stein with Bill Berry.

Ed Peine and Don Dean share a laugh . . .

 . . as do Don Fluker, Dale Barrack and Jonathan Bartz..

Paul Millo and Larry Wenner.

Dale Barrack, Ed Peine and Andy Chen.

Bill Berry, Pete Copeland and Esteban Curin discussing a hollowing tool.

Bill, Pete and Esteban checking out a hollowing tutorial on the Internet.

Clyde Collier and Ed Spicer.

This year's picnic was held the day before Easter so Tommy Joe got everyone in the spirit by turning an Easter Egg.

Folks gathered around to watch Tommy do his stuff.


Getting ready to part it off the lathe.

A satisfied customer!

Mike Breland, Doug Davis and Jonathan Bartz square off for the first of several rounds of Egg Cup Racing.

Mike was really pouring the metal to the wood.

The crowd watched the contest.

Doug Davis.

Mike Breland..

Turning potatoes on a lathe has become a tradition at GCWA  picnics. Marty Kaminsky is doing the turning and Delbert Pond is doing the catching in the above picture.

Ben Gray manned the fryer.

Ready to eat (if you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing!)

Here's a batch of peelings coming out of the fryer.

Here a full plate of fresh peelings  is being exchanged for an empty one while Marty put a new potato on the lathe.

The chow line formed quickly once the BBQ arrived.

The club supplied beef, links and chicken and members brought everything else, including drinks.

Folks from Texas know that "BBQ" is a shortcut way of describing Texas smoke cooking. Yum!

Nothing like a picnic!
Following are some pictures without captions.  Enjoy.