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March 2014 Meeting Gallery

Alan Lacer was GCWA's guest turner at March's meeting,  In addition to conducting a day-long demonstration, Alan taught five hands-on classes.  Links to the handouts about Alan's demonstrations are provided below.

Alan Loves the Skew

Alan Lacer is well known throughout the world of woodturning.  He's been involved with woodturning for over 35 years and at March's meeting he shared his knowledge with members.

George Kabacinski introduced Alan.

Alan is very conversational and shared his knowledge freely.

No, that's not a real skew, but if it were, Alan would know how to use it!

He frequently used the white board to illustrate the points he made about skew chisels.

Alan also brought along some turnings to emphasize points he made.

He is an advocate of end grain hollowing and shared this example.

Although the meeting started earlier than usual, and went longer, a good crowd was on hand for Alan's demo.

A lidded box made by Alan.

A table of items he brought to share with members.

Alan says that he only goes to the grinder about every three days or so and relies on honing his tools to keep them sharp.

Here is one of Alan's skews.  He recommends rounding the bottom of the skew with a belt sander to improve its handling and control.

Notice how Alan holds the skew in this photo and the next.

The holding technique depended on how much wood was being removed.


To make a point of how much control one can have with a skew, Alan made a tiny top, which Shawn Pachlhofer catches in the above picture.

Esteban Churin, shown at the left in the above picture, did a great job of keeping the camera focused on Alan's activities to ensure all could see.


Members gathered around after the demo to ask questions.

More questions; more answers.


Making a Hook Tool

Alan demonstrated how to make a hook tool, assisted by Delbert Pond.

After the tip is heated, it's bent to the correct position.

Then the shape is refined by further bending.

And after some quenching . . .

. . .  the tool is done.


Turning a Lidded Box

Alan also demonstrated how to turn a lidded box, largely with a skew.

The blank is made round, the piece that will become the lid is removed, and the interior of the box turned.

Fitting the lid to the base.

The almost finished box.

A closer look.

Links to Alan's Handouts
 (Links to Alan's personal website.  All handouts copyrighted by Alan Lacer)

Skew Chisels

Hook Tool



Lacer Tools

Lathe Safety

Faces in the Crowd

John Schlobohm seems to be indicating to Scott Njaa how big his next bowl is going to be!

Bill Lewis and Lane Bradford share a light hearted moment.

Kai Muenzer examines one of Alan's skew chisels.

Ed Spicer and Clyde Collier chat with Dave Barziza.

Pete Copeland, Larry Zarra and Andy Chen confer on some important point of woodturning (no doubt).

Delbert Pond and Paul Millo examine some of Alan's turnings..

Ben Gray and Walter Mooney manned the registration table.  March is the deadline for renewing membership.  If not done by 3/31/14, newsletters will stop coming and Gold Galleries will be removed from the website.

Esteban Churin at the handi-cam.

Alan not only brought along tools and videos to sell, he also brought along his lovely wife Mary.

Mary Lacer
(the much better looking half of the Lacer family).


 candid photography by Ric Taylor and Paul Millo and Dale Barrack