209 Finish

  1. Power sand with 240 & 320 grit Mirca Gold on a foam disk. Make sure all the tool marks & bruised spots are removed.
  2. Coat liberally with Minwax wood finish #209 (Natural). Any other light oil finish may be used.
  3. After a few minutes, wipe off the excess.
  4. Using 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper and a small amount of thinner, wet sand by hand with the lathe turning slow until the surface of the wood is filled.
  5. Follow with 600 grit in the same manner.
  6. Stop the lathe and wipe on another generous coat of Minwax 209. Watco oil or thinned polyurethane may be used at this time.
  7. Allow a few minutes, then turn on the lathe and buff dry with a soft cotton rag (old T-shirt) or paper towels. Higher speeds may be required to generate enough heat to evaporate the solvents in the oils and varnish.
  8. Continue adding finish and buffing dry until you are satisfied with the finish.
  9. Buff with Tripoli or white rouge and cotton buffer.
  10. Waxes may be added after sufficient drying time.

 It may take weeks for oil finishes to cure even though it is dry to the touch.

Luna Ford