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Here is a listing of all the woodturning articles that have appeared in the monthly GCWA Newsletters over the  years.  You can use the "Article Category" column to identify articles about a particular topic, or you can use the "Title of Article" column, to identify an article of specific interest.  Once you find something that interests you, note the Year and Month of Publication from the first column, then go to the Newsletters page and locate the edition that corresponds.  For example, the article "Getting a Handle on Turning" (the second article below) was originally published in the July 1998 edition of the newsletter, so you would want to select "July" under the "1998" heading on the Newsletter page.

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Year/Month Article Title of Author of
of Publication Category Article Article
2010-3 Mar Technique Turning Backyard Pine (see link-March 2010 Gallery) Janice Levi
2008-8 Aug Technique Turning a Femisphere Clyde Collier
2008-8 Aug Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips John Van Domelen
2008-7 Jul Critique Critique, An Effective Way to Learn Jim Keller
2008-7 Jul Technique Serious Bowl-Busting Catches Wally Dickerman
2008-3 Mar Safety Safety Tip - Lifting Randall Hassig
2008-3 Mar Tools Lathe Tool Tray John Van Domelen
2008-2 Feb Chucking Homemade Eccentric Chucks (designed by Bill Berry) David Moreley
2008-2 Feb Safety Dancing with Bowls Fog Tanner
2008-2 Feb Sharpening Holder For grinding Tool Bits John Van Domelen
2008-1 Jan Miscellaneous Shop Tips John Van Domelen
2007-8 Aug Resources Introduction to Woodturning - The Basic Principles Brian Clifford (c)
2007-7 Jul Resources Introduction to Woodturning - Developing Skills Brian Clifford (c)
2007-6 Jun Resources Introduction to Woodturning - The Learning Curve Brian Clifford (c)
2007-6 Jun Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 8 - General Periodicals Ben Ball
2007-5 May Safety Tool Safety Craft Supply
2007-5 May Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 7 - Turning Points Ben Ball
2007-5 May Resources Introduction to Woodturning - Learning to Turn Brian Clifford (c)
2007-4 Apr Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 6 - Creative Wood Ben Ball
2007-3 Mar Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 5 - The Woodturner Ben Ball
2007-2 Feb Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 4 - Woodturning Design Ben Ball
2007-2 Feb Safety Trend Airshield Battery Pack - Sourcing Mack DeBose
2007-12 Dec Chucking Non-Marring PVC Chuck John Van Domelen
2007-10 Oct Humor Gremlins in the Shop Mack DeBose
2007-1 Jan Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 3 - More Woodturning Ben Ball
2007-1 Jan Safety Build Your Own Trend Airshield Battery Pack Aidirondack Craftworks
2006-6 Jun Equipment Bandsaw Tips Timber Wolf
2006-3 Mar Technique Balls, Balls, Balls Fred Holder
2006-2 Feb Sanding Woodturning Tip - Reusing Sanding Disks Bill Tilson
2006-2 Feb Humor Tool Definitions-A Humorous Look at Shop Equipment Randall Hassig
2006-12 Dec Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 2 - Woodturning Ben Ball
2006-11 Nov Resources Woodturning Periodicals Part 1 - American Woodturner Ben Ball
2006-1 Jan Technique Critique for Turned Vessels John Williams
2006-1 Jan Chucking How to Make a Screw Chuck Darrell Feltmate
2005-9 Sep Finishing Waterlox for Woodworking (a follow-up article) Waterlox
2005-9 Sep Technique Build a Better Bottle Stopper Ric Taylor
2005-7 Jul Finishing Finish Your Turnings with Waterlox "Original" Andy Chen
2005-6 Jun Equipment Reversing Switch for Variable Speed Jet Mini Lathe Mack DeBose
2005-5 May Safety Shop Fire Safety Tom Enloe
2005-3 Mar Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2005-2 Feb Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2005-11 Nov Green Wood Soap in Your Bowl Ernie Conover
2005-10 Oct Finishing Lacquer Finish Wm. Kendall Westbrook
2005-1 Jan Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2004-9 Sep Finishing Lacquer Finish for Woodturnings Kendall Westbrook
2004-9 Sep Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2004-8 Aug Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2004-8 Aug Safety Woodturning Safety and Health Bill Berry
2004-7 Jul Technique Hollow Ornaments: Inside-Out Don Fluker
2004-6 Jun Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2004-5 May Green Wood Using the Microwave to Dry Green...Turned Wood Marshall Gorrow
2004-5 May Equipment Balancing a Bandsaw Wheel n/a
2004-11 Nov Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2004-11 Nov Technique From the Box Makers (Tip and Ideas) Various
2004-10 Oct Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips n/a
2004-10 Oct Safety Workshop Dust Shopsmith
2004-1 Jan Judging GCWA Show and Tell Contest Rules Bill Berry
2003-9 Sep Sanding Prevent Bleeding of Dark Wood into Light Wood Luna Ford
2003-8 Aug Finishing Polyurethane Finish on Oily Woods n/a
2003-8 Aug Safety Safe Use of Bench Grinders n/a
2003-7 Jul Sanding Removing Adhesive Back Sanding Disks Curt Theobald
2003-5 May Sanding Bowl Sanding Tool Mack DeBose
2003-5 May Segmented Turning Gluing Work Surface n/a
2003-5 May Technique Turning Wet Wood Brian Laing
2003-4 Apr Safety The AAW Lathe Safety Guidelines AAW
2003-4 Apr Technique A Complete Guide to Bowl Making - Part 2 Brian Laing
2003-3 Mar Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips Janice Levi
2003-2 Feb Technique A Complete Guide to Bowl Making - Part 1 Brian Laing
2003-12 Dec Technique Christmas Tree Ornament American Woodturner
2003-12 Dec Miscellaneous How to Construct a LED Light Circuit Tom Orton
2003-11 Oct Green Wood The Soap Solution Leif Thorvaldson
2003-11 Oct Finishing Wax Finish Over Lacquer or Oil Base Laymar Crafts
2003-1 Jan Technique Shop Built Steady Rests for Thin Turning Tom Enloe
2003-1 Jan Hollowing Hollow Turning n/a
2002-9 Sep Finishing Waxes for Woodturners - Part 1 Steve Russell
2002-8 Aug Chucking Grip, Not Slip n/a
2002-6 Jun Tools Bowl Gouges - The Story of the Superflute - Part 2 Roy Child
2002-5 May Tools Bowl Gouges - The Story of the Superflute - Part 1 Roy Child
2002-5 May Safety Lighting for Turning Mack DeBose
2002-3 Mar Sharpening On Tool Grinding Mack DeBose
2002-3 Mar Equipment Tuning Bandsaw Blades John Swenson
2002-3 Mar Equipment Bandsaw Tire Brush n/a
2002-2 Feb Safety Renewable Face Shield n/a
2002-12 Dec Miscellaneous Woodturning Tips Janice Levi
2002-12 Dec Technique Turning Platters Marty Kaminsky
2002-10 Oct Finishing Waxes for Woodturners - Part 2 Steve Russell
2002-10 Oct Gadgets Magnetic Base Trays n/a
2002-1 Jan Wood How do I prevent my wood from Splitting Alastair Mitchell
2001-9 Sep Q&A Various Topics n/a
2001-9 Sep Technique Pool Cues - Part 1 n/a
2001-8 Aug Q&A Various Topics n/a
2001-7 Jul Q&A Various Topics n/a
2001-6 Jun Q&A Various Topics n/a
2001-5 May Q&A Various Topics n/a
2001-4 Apr Q&A Various Topics n/a
2001-3 Mar Sanding Heat-Free Sanding Pad Mack DeBose
2001-2 Feb Chucking Rechucking Warped Bowls n/a
2001-2 Feb Finishing Preventing Reactive Finishes from Drying Out Mack DeBose
2001-12 Dec Sharpening Grinding Angles n/a
2001-11 Nov Technique Centering Device n/a
2001-10 Oct Hollowing Kel McNaughton Centre Saver System Steve Russell
2001-10 Oct Technique Pool Cues - Part 2 n/a
2001-1 Jan Technique Vibration Dampening Using Tape Mack DeBose
2000-9 Sep Technique Elements of Design Defined Tom Irven
2000-8 Aug Hollowing Homemade Boring Bars Murray Powell
2000-7 Jul Technique Turning a Tripod Vessel Andy Chen
2000-7 Jul Technique Turning a Wooden Canteen Bill Dyer
2000-3 Mar Sanding Sandpaper Cutter Mack DeBose
2000-3 Mar Wood Woodborers: Wood Wasps and Horntails Mack DeBose
2000-2 Feb Technique What is Metal Spinning Fred Holder
2000-11 Nov Wood Vegetable Ivory: The Story of the "Tagua Nut” Robert Spragg
2000-11 Nov Technique Harmony, Rhythm and Emphasis Tom Irven
2000-11 Nov Sanding Power Sanding in Deep Vessels Jeff Schrader
2000-10 Oct Hollowing Hollow Vessel Shavings Removal Carl Blair
2000-1 Jan Tools Making a Hook Tool Darrell Feltmate
1999-8 Aug Sharpening Sharpening Lathe Tools Luna Ford
1999-7 Jul Finishing The Final Finish? Scott Luhnau
1999-6 Jun Technique Turning Elegant Inlaid Wine Bottle Stoppers Steve Russell
1999-11 Nov Finishing Classic Finishing Techniques Boyce Gahagan
1999-11 Nov Glue CyanoAcrylate (CA) Glue Bruce Hoover
1999-11 Nov Finishing The Right Finish; Oil, Varnish, Lacquer, or Wax Don Westerman
1999-11 Nov Technique On Tools & Results, Thoughts to Ponder Bob Vallaster
1999-10 Oct Spalting Custom Spalting n/a
1999-10 Oct Chainsaws Stihl Chainsaw Tip Steve Russell
1999-10 Oct Safety Potentially Toxic Woods n/a
1998-9 Sep Hollowing Lug Wrench Turning Tool Bill Berry
1998-7 Jul Marketing Oh damn, the shelves are full… Kip Powers
1998-7 Jul Tools Getting a Handle on Turning Steve LeGrue
1998-12 Dec Finishing Finishing Techniques - One Way… Chuck Garrett
1998-12 Dec Chucking Homemade Expansion Chucks Scott Luhnau
1998-12 Dec Finishing 209 Finish Luna Ford
1998-11 Nov Technique Bottom Finishing Bill Berry
1998-11 Nov Design Turning Design Tom Irven
1998-11 Nov Technique End Grain Tearout Steve LeGrue
1998-10 Oct Sanding How to Make Your Own Sanding Discs Scott Luhnau
1998-10 Oct Tools Boring System (Making One) Andy Chen
1998-10 Oct Chucking Wobble Chuck Bill Berry