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All articles are by GCWA members, unless otherwise noted

Latest Articles

Beads of Courage Box by Johnny Tolly
When Your Chuck Stops Chucking
by Fog Tanner
by Tom Irven
Video Turning Rig Notes
by Marty Kaminsky

Christmas tree ornaments by Don Fluker
Pyrography basics by Janice Levi
Three-sided box by Bill Lewis
- by Pete Copeland (PDF)
Air Brushing - By Bill Berry (PDF)
Making Cup Centers for Turning Spheres - by Marty Kaminsky (PDF)
Making a Sphere
- by Marty Kaminsky (PDF)
Spalting - What It Is And How To Make It Happen - by Dave Mueller (PDF)

Other Articles in Alphabetical Order
209 Finish - A guide to finishing with Minwax 209, by Luna Ford (HTML)

Bird House Ornaments - by Peter Miao

Bowl Sanding Tool, UPDATED by Mack DeBose (HTML)

Boxes by Kirk DeHeer

Bread and Butter Items, by Bill Tilson (PDF)

Buffing, by Jack Hanley (PDF)

Classic Finishing Techniques - Mixing tung oil or boiled linseed oil, and spar varnish, thinned with turpentine, mineral spirits or denatured alcohol, by Boyce Gahagan (HTML)

Cyanoacrylate Glue - Useful information about the handling and use of CA glue, by Bruce Hoover - Tidewater Turners (HTML)

Click on this link for Demonstrator Handouts from the 2006 SWAT Symposium

 Coring Bowl Blanks by Bill Pottorf (PDF file)

Drying Wood to Get Round Bowls (three articles and a sketch, by Marty Kaminsky)
     Round is Good (HTML)
     Drying Box Building and Assembly Instructions (HTML)
     Drying Box Dimensions (HTML)
     Drying Box Construction Sketch (.jpg file)

Finials for Ornaments - by Tom Enloe

Finishing with Waterlox, by Andy Chen (PDF)

Flower Petals by Bill Tilson (PDF)

Guide to Bowl Making - A complete guide with pictures on how to make a bowl from a
  blank, by Brian Laing (PDF)

Homemade Boring Bars - A brief guide on how to make your own hollow turning tools,
  by Murray Powell with Luna Ford (PDF)

Inside-Out Ornaments - How to make inside-out ornaments, by Don Fluker (PDF)

Lacquer Finish by Kendall Westbrook (Word Document)

Laminated Turning Blanks  (all PDF Files)
by Bill Kloepping of Hunt Valley Woodturners
       Advanced Laminations
       Making Happy Face Laminations
       Simple Scallop Edge Bowl
       Swirly Demo

Lacquer Sanding Sealer - Using lacquer sanding sealer as an undercoat,
  by Thomas Irven (PDF)

Making a Veneer Wrapped Turned Box by Bill Tilson (Word document)

Making Sanding Disks from Sheet Sandpaper, by Mack DeBose (PDF)

Materials List for Folding Light Rig, by Marty Kaminsky (PDF)

Natural Edge Bowls, by Tom Orton (PDF)

Ornaments Overview, by Bill Berry (Microsoft Powerpoint file)

Powermatic 3520A - An in-depth  product evaluation, by Mack DeBose (PDF)

Photographing Turnings, by Marty Kaminsky (PDF)

Pseudo-Segmented Christmas Ornament - by Janice Levi

Reversing Switch for Jet Variable Speed Mini Lathe, by Mack DeBose (PDF)

Segmented Turning by Andy Chen
         Basic Segmented Turning (PDF)
         Excel Spreadsheet to Calculate Segment Length (.xls)

Stamp Holder, by Tom Sayre

Steadyrest - A guide to constructing a shop-built steady rest for thin turning,
  by Tom Enloe (PDF)

The Art of Finishing, by Paul Coppinger, East Texas Woodturners (a Word Document)

Turning a 10" Peppermill
, by Bill Pottorf (Word Document)

Turning a Simple Lidded Box, by Andy Chen

Turning Backyard Pine by Janice Levi (a Word Document)

  Turning Christmas Ornaments by Janice Levi
    Page 1     Page 2    Page 3  (all JPG files)

   Turning Fancy Boxes with Finials by Janice Levi (PDF)

   Turning Finials, by Janice Levi, (Microsoft Word Doc)

Turning Natural Edge, Thinned Stemmed Goblets from Green Wood by Dennis Ford (PDF)

  Three-sided, Twisted Box, by Stacy Hager (PDF)

  Turning Spheres and Balls, by Bill Tilson (PDF)

  Turning Platters - A complete guide with pictures on how to turn platters,
  by Marty Kaminsky (PDF)

  Wobble Chuck - A guide on how to build a simple chuck to hold and rotate small
  turning blanks, by Bill Berry (PDF)

  Wine Bottle Stoppers, by Larry Brown (PDF)

  Woodturning--What you Need, by Marty Kaminsky (PDF)