2017 July Club Meeting

07-15-17 9:00 AM - 07-15-17 12:00 PM
Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Rd, Houston, TX 77055, USA

Most people focus their time and attention on learning the skills for doing the first half of a good turning project, creating the form itself.  However, they neglect or continually struggle with their skills for finishing their projects, resulting in completed objects that may be fine, but miss out on the chance to be fantastic instead.

At the July meeting, Ed Peine will demonstrate his way of finishing a project to achieve a superior result, and you are all certain to learn things that will benefit most every turning you do hereafter.

Applying and Buffing Finishes – By Ed Peine
There are a lot of great wood turners around but unfortunately some just apply finish with a brush or spray gun and call it done. They would have a much finer piece if they would take a little time to fine sand and buff out the orange peel, runs and dust. There are a number of methods and products used to achieve a good finish. Some of you have asked me to describe my method and I am always happy to do so. At our July meeting I will demo my method of applying, buffing and waxing with Waterlox. You are invited to bring any turning that has a problem finish and (time permitting) we will put your piece on the lathe and try to “bring it to the next level”.

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  • 07-21-18 9:00 AM - 07-21-18 1:00 PM

    Dennis Ford will join us in July for a special demonstration on turning a Binary Vessel.

    What’s that? Think spinning rectangular block of wood.  Think multi axes turning. No combine those thoughts! There you have it. This is an  AMAZING piece and will be an awesome demo. But then again, when is a Dennis Ford demo anything less? None that I’ve ever seen!